Skills Empowerment Project (SEP)

Skills Empowerment Project (SEP) is a partnership between Ngabi International an International non-profit based in Canada and BattleCreek Vocational Training School a vocational training school based in Uganda. This skilling project is particularly keen to foster communities in Uganda in which no training and educational opportunities have previously existed. The goal is to motivate to make up to 30% of the participants mainly girls, women and generally youth by the end of 2022, over 200 youths will be working either independently, as self-employed operators, or in newly created jobs.

Use of Proceeds

The funds will be used to purchase, 3 Manual Sewing Machine, 10 Electric Sewing Machine, 1 Haberdashery: fabric zips ribbon etc. for sewing machine, 1 Knitting Machine, 1 Ribber attachment for knitting machine, 1 Knitting machine instruction/pattern books, 1 Bag of Knitting machine wool, 1 Hand Knitting Pack, 1 Carpentry Kit (enough tools for a whole workshop),  1 Saws Pack (6 saws), 1 Builders Kit (2 kits per box), 1 Ground workers Kit, 1 Agricultural Kit,  1 Motor Mechanics Kit (for one person), 1 Garage Workshop Kit (enough tools for a whole workshop), 1 Plumbers Kit, 1 Electricians Kit, 1 Electric Drills and Power tools. The funds will also pay salaries for trainers and purchase training materials for the project.

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